Photography: ABC Arken

The boulevard of floating dreams

In the seventies a group of young eccentrics sailed to a canal in Amsterdam. A collection of rebels, consisting of artists, architects, writers, sailors and the occasional pirate, moored their sailers alongside the Nieuwendammerkade. A vibrant community was born.  Now, almost 40 years later, it is still as vibrant as the heydays but the old sailing boats vanished as well as the lonesome pirate. Still a community of creativity, it envelops urban professionals with young children who all live and build their floating dream. Along side the Nieuwendammerkade the old type sailers, like the Schooner, Tjalk and Clipper, have been replaced by their owners by state of the art houseboats. The custom made modern houseboat is a way of life and a unique sight in The Netherlands. Yvonne and Henk, first arrivals in the heydays, invite you to enjoy this way of living in their Bed and Breakfast Noorderlicht.