The houseboat Noorderlicht is located on a canal at the green park ‘Vliegenbos’ on the north side of Amsterdam. Just ten minutes walk from us, there is a former sea dike with traditional seventeenth and eighteenth century wooden houses, typical for this area north of the river IJ. They are known as "the captain houses" because a lot of captains of the big cargo vessels of the Golden Age (17th century) bought themselves a luxurious house along the sea dike. The age when the Netherlands (Holland) was the ruling nation of the world. The same era when our most important painters, like Rembrandt, were abound.


Amsterdam North is just around the corner of the city centre of Amsterdam with all her famous canals and trading houses dating back to the Golden Age. Bicycles are the way to move around and are easy to rent in our area. Only for a few euros a day. By bicycle it’s a 12 minute drive to the ferry to the city centre. The public transport will take ten minutes. Our bus stop is a beautiful ten minute walk through the heart of the green park or you can take a small detour over the sea dike with all the traditional houses. Click on the pictures for more information.